lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Panel en ISA-FLACSO: "Nuevas perspectivas sobre la Guerra Fría en América Latina"

El día miércoles 23/7, a las 13.45 horas, voy a estar comentando este panel en las Jornadas Internacionales ISA-FLACSO 2014, que se van a desarrollar en la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la UBA. Aula 432, en el nuevo edificio.

"New Perspectives on Latin America’s Cold War"

Compounded by studies based on recently declassified diplomatic sources, this panel intends to bring new perspectives on the subject of Latin America’s Cold War. It is aimed at understanding how the Cold War, in its multiple dimensions – politics, economics, society and international relations –, shaped Latin American post-war history. This is pursued through country-case studies, focused on Brazil and Cuba, as well as by broader contributions, looking at the hemisphere as a whole. It is expected that a better understanding of Latin America’s Cold War presents insights for the comprehension of the actual inter-American system and of its future developments.

  • Chair Felipe Loureiro
  • Discussant Leandro Morgenfeld

Brazil and the Alliance for Progress: New Evidences on the US-Brazilian Financial Relations during the implementation of João Goulart’s Three-Year Plan (1963)
  • Felipe Loureiro

Latin America and the “Cuban Question”, 1959-1964
  • Tanya Harmer

A "Friend of the Revolution"? Vasco Tristão Leitão da Cunha, Fidel Castro and Brazilian-Cuban Relations, 1956-1964
  • James Hershberg

Latin America's Cold War: A Reassessment
  • Dustin Walcher

Brazil's Struggle for a Third Power: the “Latin Front”, the Multilateral System, and the Cold War, 1946-1954
  • Alexandre Moreli

Cold War Memories: Latin America versus the United States
  • Stephen Rabe

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